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Moving day is trying and tiring for the whole family. We realize this and we want to help you in every way we possibly can....

Long Distance

long distance moving Barrie

A long distance move is usually defined as a move in excess of 300 miles. The charges for this type of move are calculated by...

International Moves

Long distance moving

Moving can be an eventful experience at the best of times. However moving internationally adds even more challenges when one...

Commercial Moves

long distance moving Barrie

If you are the person that will be responsible for coordinating an upcoming commercial relocation, the relationship that is established...

About Us
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As well known movers today, the story of the Rockbrune Brothers began in the 1920's. Farming was a tough way to make a living and even tougher for a young man with dreams of someday getting off the farm to make his way into the world. Robert Rockbrune was a restless teenager helping out his family on their land just outside Perth, Ontario. One day he packed up what little belongings he had and headed to a job in Oshawa, a city that was feeling its own growing pains in the automotive industry. As the 20's came to a close Robert met Robina, who soon became his wife, and in the years ahead, he and Robina started a family, eventually having seven children, two daughters and five sons. At General Motors, where he worked, there were constant layoffs as the depression hit the country and money was tight. During these difficult times...


The United Van Lines training courses give new and experienced employees the tools and techniques to provide quality service for each and every move. Van Operators (Drivers)/ Container Skills All of our drivers are sent to the United Van Line head office in Mississauga, Ontario for a three day training course to experience hands-on the preparation and loading of household goods in a home setting. Our employees gain experience and proficiency in customer service, packing , inventory, loading and unloading, set-up and all pertinent documentation. Packers and Loaders Our packers are trained to pack all fragile and breakables so that your possessions arrive in your new home safely. Loaders are taught the proper way to wrap and protect all your fine furniture and load the...

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