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Hire a Barrie moving company with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers who have been moved by us in Barrie, and all over Ontario. Rockbrune Bros are among the top Barrie Moving Companies, offering professional moving services at competitive rates. Our Barrie Movers also offer Packing, Unpacking, and Storage Services, as well as expert commercial and office moving services. We are also a Member Company of United Van Lines, providing us access to a huge network of trucks, drivers, and depots, allowing us to provide the same high quality services no matter where you are moving. United Van Lines are one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, and Canada’s Largest Van Line, and as a Member Company, Rockbrune Movers adheres the high levels of quality and customer service that as allowed United Van Lines to thrive.

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Rockbrune Movers has the experience and expertise to get your move done right, whether it’s a local move, a long distance move, or an international move. Our Barrie movers have the right equipment that is clean, and well maintained, and our movers are experienced, careful, and professional. For the best, least stressful moving experience, nothing beats full packing services. Having our Barrie Movers pack your home lets you live normally in your home until just a day or two before you move, and unpacking gets you settled in to your new home quickly. One of the most important parts of customer satisfaction, is being there when there is a problem, and so, Rockbrune movers offers comprehensive Replacement Value Protection, to protect your goods while their being moved, and in transit. For moving boxes in Barrie, or Barrie storage units, Rockbrunes movers is the right call. On top of being the top Barrie home mover, Our Barrie furniture movers also do Piano Moving in Barrie, and surrounding areas. So if you need piano movers in Barrie, call Rockbrune movers.

Barrie, Ontario is a constantly expanding city with a growing population. This expanding city is drawing in people who wish you experience both city and country life. Located on Kempenfelt Bay on western Lake Simcoe, Barrie has a population of 134,711, making it the 34th largest city in Canada. Barrie has a rich and storied history. It served as a supply depot for British forces during the war of 1812, as well as a final destination of the Underground Railroad, with some 30,000 escaped slaves said to have landed there.

Our Barrie movers specialize in servicing Barrie and surrounding areas such as: Bradford West Gwillimbury, Collingwood, Innisfil, Midland, New Tecumseth, Penetanguishene, Wasaga Beach, Adjala-Tosorontio, Clearview, Essa, Oro-Medonte, Ramara, Severn, Springwater, Tay and Tiny.


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Barrie Movers – Moving Tips

Packing is a bit of a rabbit hole – we could write entire posts on how to pack all kinds of things.

But most people want a general guide to help them get started. Here are our top tips to help you pack like a pro, from our friends at Cassidy’s Ottawa movers.

1.  Start Early – Barrie Movers Tip

You may have forgotten how much work packing really is. If you’re packing by yourself on weekends, give yourself about a 3-month head start (for the average home).

Sound incredible? It’s not. Remember, you have to disassemble bed frames, wrap soft furniture, and give breakables the extra TLC they deserve.

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2.  Assemble Packing Supplies Before You Start – Barrie Movers Tip

Getting your boxes on a onesy-twosy basis from the liquor store may be OK for starving students, but it will dramatically increase the time needed for packing.

We recommend that you buy boxes in batches, and have them ready before you start. Also make sure you have these supplies:

* A marker for labelling boxes.
* Packing tape.
* Packing paper – use ink-free newsprint to keep your hands clean.
* Bubble wrap for fragile items.
* Plastic sheeting or moving wrap for mattresses and soft furniture.
* Resealable sandwich bags for hardware.
* Masking tape (for labelling sandwich bags).

Hint: if your budget is super tight, you can buy boxes second hand on Kijiji or Craigslist. Just make sure the source is reasonably trustworthy, or you may be bringing home uninvited guests like bedbugs.

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3. Pack Items You Don’t Need First – Barrie Movers Tip

When it comes to packing, it helps to take care of any off-season clothing or sports equipment first. This will help you live life normally as long as possible.

As moving day draws nearer, you’ll find you’re living with less and less, and your collection of boxes takes up more and more room in your house.

For essentials and valuables like important documents and jewellery, put them in a separate area and take them with you in your car.

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4. Pack Heavy Things in Smaller Boxes – Barrie Movers Tip

Don’t pile heavy items like books in giant boxes – you won’t be able to lift them. Or you may be able to do the lifting, but may injure yourself. While smaller boxes may mean more trips, it’s better than back strain.

When you’re packing heavier items in the same box as lighter items, but the heavy items on the bottom of the box.

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 5. Invest in Heavy Duty Boxes for Fragile Items – Barrie Movers Tip

For dishes and glasses, ask for 2-ply cardboard boxes, also known as China cartons.

When packing, use this simple method:

* Put a layer of crushed paper on the bottom for cushioning.
* For glasses and mugs, stuff any openings with paper. Support handles with paper as well.
* Wrap each item in paper and place it in the box. Dishes should go on their sides, not flat.
* Stuff all corners with crushed paper.
* If you can fit two layers in a box, separate the layers with sheets of paper.

A tightly packed box is better, provided everything is well padded. If items are too loose in the box, they can bang together and break.

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 6. Bag Cables, Remotes, and Hardware – Barrie Movers Tip

For cables, screws, adaptors and other small fittings, collect them together in resealable zipper sandwich or freezer bags. Create masking tape labels so that you know which set of hardware belongs to which appliance.

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 7. Wrap Soft Furniture – Barrie Movers Tip

With soft furniture, the risk isn’t breakage, but dirt.

To protect your mattress, you can wrap it in plastic sheeting. Other soft furniture can be protected in moving wrap (which is like cling wrap you use in the kitchen, except heavy duty).

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8. Bag Liquids Before Packing – Barrie Movers Tip

If you’re taking toiletries with you, put them in freezer bags first before you pack them, in case they leak. Don’t pack any cleaners or other household chemicals; they may be dangerous in your moving van. Ask your movers for a complete list of what you shouldn’t pack.

If you have other items that can spill, like loose pasta or rice, seal the package well before packing.

Most movers will ask you to take any alcohol in your car, as glass bottles are heavy and can be extra prone to breakage.

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9. Use Wardrobe Boxes for Clothing on Hangers – Barrie Movers Tip

Wardrobe boxes have a rail across the top, so you can transfer your good clothes from the closet, to the box and into your new closet without having to take them off the hanger. For most items this should prevent wrinkling.

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10. Use Extra Care With Electronics – Barrie Movers Tip

If you can, pack electronics in the original packaging. If this isn’t possible, protect each item with anti-static bubble wrap before boxing it (electronics can be damaged by the static created by normal bubble wrap). Put one item in each box, and label the box well.

Flat screen TVs and computer monitors have delicate screens, so use a microfibre towel to protect them. Stand them upright in their boxes (never lay them flat) and invest in double-walled boxes to keep them safe.

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11. Prepare Your Refrigerator – Barrie Movers Tip

Whether you’re moving your fridge or not, you’ll want to have a plan to eat up, throw out, or give away all the food it contains. It’s also important to defrost the freezer a few days before you move, and give it a clean.

You don’t want to have the next person open the fridge and be greeted by rotten food, or get a tidal wave of water from the freezer.

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12. Doing it Right is a Lot of Work – Barrie Movers Tip

If all this sounds like a lot of work, it is. That’s why most people turn to the professionals at Rockbrune to handle their move to and from the Barrie area for them.

You’ll be able to move to your new home with minimal disruption to your daily routine for as long as possible – not to mention we spare you the sore muscles the day after.

Use the best moving company in Barrie Ontario – Rockbrune Movers Barrie!

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We just used Rockbrune movers for the 2nd time in a year. Our first experience was a (long distance) relocation move. They were punctual, professional, honest and efficient. They treated our belongings like their own. We can't say enough about Joey, John and their team. Our second experience was a smaller furniture delivery and once again these guys came through. They gave us a delivery window of 45 mins...unheard of!! They were on time and in and out in 15 mins. If you want something done the right way you need to check these guys out, they take the stress out of moving. Highly recommended!
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